Fast Forward Marketing
Helping small businesses in McHenry County with Online Marketing

Marketing for Manufacturers

Consider us your marketing team.

Our experienced team helps manufacturers sell products with a full range of digital marketing services including marketing planning and execution. We help support your sales people in the field with sales materials, a great looking website, and hot leads thru social media and Google.

Manufacturing is a difficult business, but whether you are manufacturing hardware or carpet, you need to market your business. Recent statistics show that 85% of manufacturers are now engaging in content marketing with the vast majority of others indicating plans to do the same.

Content marketing is one of the things we do best! In a world where every manufacturer needs to produce not only high quality product, but high quality online content to get ahead, where can anyone find the time? We are professional content creators and would love to help you produce online content as well as you manufacture.

We can help you:

  • Make an ongoing marketing plan

  • Clearly identify a target audience

  • Gain credibility for your products

  • Make website improvements

  • Help increase sales

  • Deliver hot leads to your sales team

  • Search engine optimization for your business

  • Support your sales team

  • Create a lead generation strategy

  • Generate stunning video tours of your production

  • Gain exposure for your products

Call us at 815-451-5230 or email us at:, or schedule a free 15 minute consultation on Vanessa's calendar.